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Petaluma, California | phone: 707-664-1155
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The Magic Grove 2020 Presented by Sonoma Conservatory of Dance
1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Sebastiani Theatre
Date: April 04, 2020 to April 04, 2020
Where: Sebastiani Theatre, 476 First St. East, Sonoma, California, United States, 95476
Phone: N/A
Event Type: Family
Ticket Price: N/A
Rahim, a shepherd, plays his flute as his flock and the nearby farm awakens. Rahim is in love with the farmers daughter, Gulbahar and she with him. The nearby villagers arrive to share the work preparing for the planting. But the Khan's soldiers arrive and destroy everything, including the lambs and the shepherd family's yurt. Gulbahar's mother offers to take them in and expand the farm. Soon they are all clearing more land for planting. Rahim's mother uncovers the farmer's ancestral treasure. She gives it to the farmer, who refuses. Rahim's mom then gives it to Gulbahar so the treasure stays in the family. Gulbahar's mom pushes her into Rahim's arms, so now they are one family and can share the treasure. It is the wedding day, and Gulbahar is being entertained by her friends with a tea party and dancing. That night, while discussing the treasure, Gulbahar shows a tapestry depicting a beautiful grove of trees, bushes and fountains populated by birds and animals. She suggests they buy seedlings to plant trees on the Steppes. The others agree and Rahim sets off to the city. Rahim arrives at the casbah and is overwhelmed by the sights and the merchants. He is approached by spice sellers, silk merchants, pottery sellers, and a snake charmer and snake. As he is finally reaching the arborist, a caravan arrives. It has a cage of exotic birds destined to be food for the Khan. Rahim is so saddened that such beautiful birds will be killed and eaten that he buys the birds with all the money. He sets the birds free and as they fly away, one bird remains with him for a while before leaving. Rahim returns to the family, which agrees with the choice he made. That night Gulbahar's mom comes outside to quietly fill the holes that would have held the seedlings. She was looking forward to seeing her grandchildren playing among the trees. That night, everyone is awakened by the sound of birds, each bearing a magical seedling that sprouts into a tree
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