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Petaluma, California | phone: 707-664-1155
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Bruno Major
8:00 PM - 11:59 PM The Independent
Date: May 15, 2019 to May 15, 2019
Where: The Independent, 628 Divisadero Street, San Francisco, California, United States, 94117
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Theres nothing like a deadline to focus the mind. Last year, Bruno Major set himself a task: to record and release one song a month for 12 months. Four weeks to take a song from an idea in his head to a finished product and have it out there for people to listen to and enjoy, every month, for a year. People had made albums in less time, he reasoned, how hard could it be? When I first said that I was going to do it most people said, Nice onethats never going to happen. Major recalls with a laugh. A lot of people thought it was overly aspirational: it probably was. Whats impressive is not so much that he managed to pull it off, more that the challenge produced such a remarkable collection of songs. That within the time frame of a month, Major could produce such fully-realised, beautiful and inventive songs and then repeat the trick the following month, twelve times over.With a traditional album, there exists the concept of an album track...I havent had that luxury because once a month I have to release a song and every song has to be a single. Theres no room for a piano interlude. Each one had to be something that I could stand behind and say: Hey, this is my next single, it's coming out, Ive worked on it all month, I hope you like it. It forced me to make sure the standard was at a certain level.Not only did every song hit its mark, but listening to the fruits of Majors labour in the order he created them, youre given an experience that doesnt really have a precedent in music. Tracing a line from the blissful future soul and skittering beats of Wouldnt Mean A Thing through Homes delicate folk to Cold Bloods pulsating electronica, youre treated to a dozen snapshots of an artist at a specific moment in time. You can hear him grow, develop and move through the different emotional states of a year in a way that a traditional album simply wouldnt be able to offer. You can hear how he moved from the minimalism and sub bass warmth of Theres Little Left to the jazz-
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